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Jared Spool, Amy Jackson and Maxim Leyzerovich - The UX job market during COVID-19

On May 5, 2020 UX Backstage hosted a private conversation with Jared, Amy, and Max about hiring in UX. This is an extraordinary episode to address the current COVID-19 situation and provide some guidance for designers and hiring managers.

Jeff Gothelf from Lean UX - Design for behavior change

Today we talk to Jeff Gothelf, a coach, speaker, author & consultant helping organizations build better products and executives build the cultures that build better products.

Ryan Rumsey from Second Wave Dive - The language of business for designers

For this conversation, we focus on how to tailor design to different business settings to make effective trade-offs. Ryan speaks about how he learned how to be more strategic as a design executive.

Christian Rohrer from NN/g - UX Strategy, business models and key metrics

For this conversation, we focused on what exactly UX strategy is, how to spot a company on their journey to apply strategic design and how to even begin to think of key metrics for user experience.

Ryan Singer from Basecamp - What we need from design in a leadership level

For this conversation, we focused on the strategic side of design, which is called “the shaping track” in Ryan’s book. You’ll learn about the different skills needed for strategy versus hands-on design; as well as his journey from web designer to head of strategy.

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